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Welcome to the  Learn By Admin, your premier destination for  Educational resources like Educational NewsDaily NewspaperCareer Guidance, Career Counselling, Insightful Blog, and the Daily Job Opportunities. Founded and managed by AdminShadab Abu Saalif, This is a dynamic platform designed to support learners of all ages and backgrounds in their educational and professional pursuits.

Dedicated to curating and developing high-quality content to empower individuals on their learning journey. With a passion for education and a commitment to excellence, We ensure that this platform does its best to provide a wide variety of resources and services to meet the needs of learners around the world.

on this platform, we recognize the significance of staying well-informed and keeping abreast of the latest developments. That’s why, offer a dedicated section akin to a daily newspaper, providing insights into current events, trends, and occurrences from across the globe.

Our platform is still under development, with Admin working tirelessly to create an engaging and user-friendly experience for our visitors. From interactive courses and tutorials to career guidance and counseling services, Our goal is to provide valuable assistance and guidance to help you achieve your educational and professional goals.

Join us on this exciting journey of learning, growth, and discovery. Let ‘Learn By Admin be your trusted companion as you navigate the world of education and embark on a path to success.